2011 – Frankreich,Castres – Comeca Industries, Benne S.A., Comau


Our stay abroad in Castres/FR 2011

First Week

On Saturday, the 27th of August, we went to the airport in Munich at 3 o`clock in the morning. Together with Ms Bartl, we reached Toulouse without any problems. There Mr. Professor Peruchietti was already waiting for us, he is a teacher of French school „Le Sidobre“. He welcomed us very kindly and then we were taken to Castres by school bus to Castres. Castres is about one and a half hours away from Toulouse..

When we reached Castres Mr. Peruchietti invited us to his house to have dinner with him and his wife. After this we were taken to the Camping Gourjade, there we lived for the time of our stay. It was a small mobile home, but it was very nice and we liked it. In southern France it is always very hot, and so we were thrilled by the pool in the camping area.

Mr. Peruchhetti introduced us to Elizabeth van Driel, who is also a school teacher, and director Antoine Parant. After we had visited our accommodation, we went to a supermarket together with Peruchhetti and Elisabeth where we bought the essentials for the coming week . The teachers supported us a lot.

We quickly took our purchases home, then we went back to Mr. Peruchhetti. He provided us with three bycicles which we used to go to work every day. We didn`t know where our companies were in Castres, so we made a tour through the city with Mr. Peruchietti and we also went to the “SuperU” this was the supermarket where we bought our food.

After this eventful day, we were very glad when we arrived back at our campsite and were able to set up home there.


The day before we were invited by director Antoine Parant to a trip to the sea. We were picked up in the morning by him and Mrs. Bartl. It took us about two hours to get to Valras, a small town by the sea. There a beautiful beach invited us to a lazy afternoon.


On our first working-day Mr. Peruchietti, Miss Elisabeth and Miss Bartl took us to the companies. We were all rather nervous. Helena worked at Comau, Katarina at Benne and Sophia at Comeca. We discussed our working hours and then they gave us some introductions for the company. We all worked in the office.

Sophia at Comeca

Comeca Industries is a steelwork company with 25 employees. This company produce Waste disposal machines and cross machines. I worked in the design office of the company for 4 weeks. My job was to transfer already existing drawings into AutoCad, to correct wrong drawings and I was also allowed to make very easy drawings on my own. The school “Le Sidobre” lent me a computer, because the company hadn’t one for me. At Comeca I had my own office. The boss and the employees were all very friendly and also very helpful. I liked the placement very much, because I have learned a lot in these 4 weeks. I would recommend a placement like this to everybody, because you won’t get the chance very often in your life, to do something like this.

Katarina at Benne S.A.

The company Benne S.A. has 125 employees, about 30 of them work in the design office. The company mainly produces conveyors. I worked in the design office from the company for 4 weeks.For 3 weeks I worked with an employee of Benne S.A on one computer, because they hadn’t one for me. The man I worked with was Maxime Cabot, he was my Manager for the 3 weeks. I worked with the program Pro-E, Maxime Cabot explained everything about the program to me. My job was to draw simple projects on 3D and on 2D, difficult projects were made together with Maxime. Maxime Cabot, the production manager Jean Paul Perez and the other employees were all very helpful und very nice, so I felt very well at this company. I liked the placement very much. I have gained a lot of experience and I have learned a lot in these 4 weeks. I am very happy that I have done this placement. I am not sure if I will get a chance like this once again in my life.

Helena at Comau

I worked at the company Comau. This company produces automated milling machines. I was in the Marketing Department, because they had no work for me in the workshop. Franz Siegfried was my manager at the company, he answered all my questions. Most of the time I worked with Jean-Paul Cabrol and Gerard Gusset. My task at Comau was to make (from a new machine), pictures for the presentations from 3D plans. When I finished this work I had to revise some Power Point presentations from the company. At the time in France and in the company Comau I could collect a lot of new experience. I liked it very much at Comau the people were very friendly and courteous.


This year there were exchange students from France in Austria. We took them around in our city and we went to some discotheks with them. Adrien, Valentin, Aurelien and Damien live close to Castres. On Friday they took us to Albi, which is approximately 40 kilometers away from Castres. We visited an impressive Kirtag.


On Saturday we washed our clothes and did the shopping for the coming week. In the evening Adrien visited us at the camping area.

On Sunday, we experienced our first rainy day, in the otherwise sunny Castres.


On Thursday Thomas and Manuel, the friends of Katarina and Helena visited us. For this reason we took a day off. This was possible on condition that we worked longer on the following friday.


We took the bus to Albi. There we visited the Cathedral and the beautiful museum garden. After this we walked around the city. Albi is a very nice city.


On Saturday it was very hot so we went swimming in the pool of the campsite. That evening we went with Damien and his friends to a disco in Castres.


We could not resist, and started a shoppingtour through Castres, after that we had to buy different food for Sunday evening, because we planned to invite the professors to a special Austrian dinner.

So this sunday we were pretty busy to prepare and cook what we planned for the meal. At 7 o`clock Elisabeth and Kurt van Driel arrived at our mobile home. Mr. Peruchhetti and Mr.Parant could not managed to come to the dinner. We had a very nice and pleasant dinner together.

The final Weekend

On Friday we bought some presents for our parents, brothers and sisters and friends. We already started to pack our things, because we had to leave the mobile home very early.

On Saturday afternoon Mr.Parant took us to the airport in Toulouse.

We spent an unforgettable month in France and have gained many wonderful experiences. Nevertheless, we were very happy to come home again.

At 8:00 pm we reached Munich where our parents and friends were already waiting for us.

Note of thanks

We would especially like to thank Professor Gabriela Huber who always supportes us and helped us with every problems and questions we had in this month.

We also wish to thank Ms. Michelle Bartl who was a great help in the first five days.

Furthermore, we want to thank the professors of the school “Le Sidobre,” Mr Parant, Kurt and Elizabeth van Driel and Mr. Peruchhetti for their support.

We also want to thank the companies:

  • Herr Jean Paul Perez, Benne SA
  • Herr Gerard Gusset, Comau
  • Herr Jean- Alban Rochette, Comeca


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