2011 – Schweden – Volvo Cars

We were assigned to the quality department. Errors and potential problems were explained to us. With this knowledge and a little time for reflection, we presented our ideas and discussed them with our supervisor. The ensuing work consisted mostly of troubleshooting on railing, molding, paddle box, side mirrors, instrument panel and key. Once we had parts that had fallen down in the first run, to sort. We had the opportunity to ask interesting specific function of the parts.

One day we were allowed to visit the work of Christoph, which he explained to us in detail.

Volvo Trucks

Christoph Schneeweiss (5BHMIM)

I was the lucky one who worked at Volvo Trucks. The department for stability was my working place for 5 weeks. At the beginning of the internship my activities consisted in helping an employee as well as possible and to learn on the job. Afterwards I got my own project. My task was to test an air spring on torsion. At first I had to construct a rig to make this test possible. But the most difficult part of the project was to build this rig. Some mechanics helped me but it wasn´t always easy to communicate with them. After I had done the test (which took just some minutes) I wrote a comprehensive report for Volvo in English. One day I was allowed to have a look at the test track in Hällered. It was interesting to see how important safetyio is for Volvo! I really enjoyed the time by Volvo Trucks the people were polite, communicated joyfully and most important thing: I learned a lot.

Free Time

The Islands

One weekend the weather was very beautiful so we decided to spend the afternoon at the sea. With our tram tickets we were also allowed to go by ferry to the islands near of Gothenburg.

Culture Days

We were lucky that during our internship a very famous festival the “Culture Festival” was taking place in the city. A lot of well-known artists and musicians were there and we could also see them for free.

Football Match

One afternoon we decided spontaneously to have a look at the local football club IFK Gothenburg. It was very funny because we had never heard something about the clubs which we saw on that day. But the sensational atmosphere in the stadium and the 3 : 0 victory our IFK kickers brought us an amusing evening.

Mini Golf

One of our free time activities was the amusing mini golf evening with Jörg (contact person from the GTG). We had no chances to defeat Jörg he won with twice as many more points than the second one. But we had a lot of fun and the good thing on Jörg is: he speaks german!


At the second weekend we left Gothenburg. Oslo was the destination of our trip. Already at 2:35 clock we started our and arrived at 6:45 clock. At that time Oslo was not at its best, because it was cold and raining. In the afternoon the weather got better and we had a nice day.


Besides the magnificent architecture and the sights we saw also the “Red Bull Flugtag”, in which the candidates had to go as far as possible into the water along with their homemade flying objects.



At the third weekend we went to Copenhagen. After a 5 hour drive we reached the stunning city. Our exploration tour took us past the various attractions.



The Universeum is a huge museum with various departments such as: a rain forest, aquarium, an area for space and much more. There are lots of different animals to see and also technology.

Ship and Submarine Museum

The Maritime Center is the largest maritime museum in Scandinavia and one of the largest floating museums in the world. We visited the “HMS Smĺland”, a warship of the Swedish Navy and the submarine “HMS Nordkaparen”.


Volvo Museum

On Friday we visited one last time our contact persons from GTG. After we had completed the formalities, we visited the Volvo Museum. There we saw many different cars, from the first Volvos up to the latest concept cars. We also saw trucks, buses, motor racing cars and jet engines for aircraft.



It’s the largest amusement park of Scandinavia. With 116 meters high, the “Atmosfear” is the biggest attraction with a free fall in Europe. Even if the free fall is only a few seconds there’s a lot of fun. What we liked even better was the so-called “Balder”. This roller coaster is one of the most popular wooden roller coasters in the world. After the ride we knew why. We had lots of fun in the amusement park.



The hotel was small but it had everything that we need for life. Furthermore, it was next to the tram stop in the middle of the city very practically.


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