2011 – Denmark – Danfoss


After a long preparation I, Markus Gebetsroither, started my journey to Sonderborg on Aug. 14. First I took the night-train to Hamburg. From there I went to Flensburg and after a 17-hour-trip I arrived at my destination Sonderborg. Then I walked to the dormitory from EUC Syd for 2 kilometers, where I was given a warm welcome. After the arrival I explored the new home and settled down in my room.


On the following day, one of my contact persons Mrs. Lene Sandholdt picked me up at 9 o’clock and we went to Nordborg, where Danfoss’ headquarter is located (compound from the word “Danmark” and the Danish verb “fosse” (flow)). Danfoss is the largest industrial company of the country, with 6.000 employees in Denmark, more 18.000 worldwide. Danfoss is one of the leading enterprises in the field of warming and refrigeration technology.

I worked at the Trainee Center. My first task was to create electronic diagrams for engines. I gained much experience. Later I was occupied in specially constructed electrical circuits to elicit contact errors. It was a great and exciting range of various systems. This also claimed a large part of my time in Denmark.

In the last week I learned how to create AutoCAD 3D models and I designed a variety of components. It was a lot of fun. The working atmosphere and the working atmosphere among the staff was excellent. The supervisors are not seen as a “boss”, but as “equal colleagues”.

Leisure time

My room in the student residence was not large, but it included a bathroom and offered free wireless internet access. The leisure facilities were plentiful, including a tennis court, a soccer field, a TV room, a fitness room and many more. The food was very good and there was always a great choice. In addition you could get a cake in the evening. The breakfast was too early for me during the week, because the bus left at 7.05 o’clock after a ten-minute walk to the bus station. At Danfoss we always got free cocoa or coffee in the breaks. I found the lunch in the cafeteria very good, where we had a great buffet to choose from. The trip to Nordborg where the company was situated, took about 40 minutes.

I spent much free time in the large shopping street in the center of Sonderborg and at the beautiful beaches of southern Denmark. On a rainy Saturday I went to Copenhagen by train. Despite the bad weather I walked through one of the most beautiful cities in Europe for hours, and visited famous sights like Nyhavn and the Little Mermaid.

On the last weekend I visited the technology park Danfoss Universe.

Finally I would like to thank Professor Weissensteiner and Professor Pixner for arranging this placement abroad. Furthermore thanks to the company Danfoss and the EUC Syd, which put me there, the IFA for the financial support and the “Friends of the Technical College Vöcklabruck”. During my stay I could improve my English, deepen my technical knowledge and become acquainted with many nice people. In addition I was able to develop myself personally and got to know the life in another country. I recommend every student, who gets the opportunity to participate in such a program to take part in. These three weeks were an interesting and instructive time at the company Danfoss in Denmark, where I like to think back …..


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