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The Society of Friends of the HTL Vöcklabruck

Who are we?

The Friends of the HTL are a non-profit organisation located in Vöcklabruck.

The purpose of this organisation is to integrate the HTL Vöcklabruck into the economic world of Vöcklabruck, the Salzkammergut, Attersee and Hausruck, and to strengthen the relationship and cooperation between the school and its sponsors by


  • protecting shared interests and implementing joint projects.
  • providing financial support for the school’s development, lectures and seminars.
  • mutually providing teachers and lecturers.
  • providing operating resources and the use of other facilities.
  • sharing expert knowledge.
  • supporting engineering projects, diploma theses and interships abroad.

What do we want?


We want the best possible success on

the highest possible level.


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