2010 – Schweden – Volvo Car Corporation


Chill out lounge of the Volvo School

Karin Reiter, 5BHWII, Special Vehicles & Service

At this department my job was to change parts of damaged cars or to prepare  them for the paint shop and after the paint shop mount them on the car again  together with a student from the technical college Klagenfurt. It was also a part  of my job to drive the cars in the car wash, into the workshop and then drive them  out on the parking.

Markus Pr�tsch, 5BHMIM, Body-Shop (Karosseriefertigung)

On my first day I got a fascinating tour through the body shop of the company.  This department should also employ my later work. The second and third working day  I spent with workers from the workshop. They told me a lot of the production process  and I also had the change to ask questions. These two days were very informative,  because my responses have been well detailed and specific.

On Thursday I started with the originally work. I was able to evaluate the  cycle times of robots with a stopwatch and compare it to a computer system. It  listened not very exciting, but it was still funny. I got a list of robots that  I had to evaluate. I was able to plan out what robots I want to analyze first and  what robots I want to analyze at the end of my practical time. For coffee breaks,  of course, was also time. It was generally a quite relaxed working atmosphere and  I always had the feeling to be welcome.

Romana Schlager, 5BHWII, Quality-Department

I was assigned to the quality-department, where I worked together with a pupil  from Wolfsburg (Carinthia). My work there was very interesting because I had insight  into the entire production process, from the body to the finished car.

In the four training weeks, I had the task to implement a project to improve  quality, with the help of my colleague from Carinthia. In the first weeks we had  to check the A-pillars and dashboards for defaults (scratches, dirt,…) and to  take down notes. Then we had to identify where the defects came from, we went through  the whole production hall and wrote down abnormalities. After finding reasons for the  defect, we were looking for ways to reduce waste. At the end of the internship, we  were allowed to present the work we had done the four weeks, including our suggestions  for improvement.

Florian Stehrer, 5BHWII, und Gerry Moser, 5BHMI, Paint Shop

Our workplace was the Department TB4 in the paint shop. It took about an hour  before we met there because we had to change the bus for a few times. The primed  bodies come in and a kind of glue against dirt and moisture was put on the car.  Before they leave this department they are cleaned.

Our task was to develop a quality, – process, – and assessment system. We got  a similar, already existing system from Saab and adapted it to our department.  The whole document was written in English. We did this work it the office on a  laptop, which was provided from Volvo. We were also allowed to take them home in  our apartment. On the whole we were very satisfied about our work, especially of  our flexible working hours. Another positive aspect was that the coffee was free  in the whole Volvo factory and also at school.



Gothenburg is a city with many opportunities to spend free time. Any place was  easy to reach by tram, and to get to the center it just took us a few minutes.  In Gothenburg, there are lots of museums and the harbour is very nice and worth  visiting it. In our neighborhood there was a large shopping center, where we spent a lot of our spare time.

G�teborg harbor

Sweets shop


In our spare time we also visited several islands. You can do quite walks there;  because of the few cars on the roads, several islands are even car-free. The rocky  and green landscape is beautiful and you have a great view over the sea. It�s also  a must to visit a restaurant there and try one of the well-tasting, freshly prepared  seafood-menus.

Vergn�gungspark Liseberg

Liseberg was on the opposite side of our apartment and therefore very fast to  reach. There are many fun attractions, such as the largest wooden rollercoaster  in the world, called “Balder”, the rollercoaster “Canon”, on which you are upside  down, or the chamber of horrors.

Rollercoaster “Canon” Balder
Park Slottskogen

The park is a beautiful green plant with including a small zoo. There you can  find moose, deer, horses, penguins, aquarium fish and birds. There are also cafes,  restaurants and museums.


The Universeum is a huge museum with a rain forest and many large aquariums.  There you can see various kinds of fish, monkeys, frogs and many other animals.  You can also learn about the latest technology, such as eye scan in hotels and  fingerprint for security, etc.


Here you can view many old, current and also future Volvo models.


At the weekends (and sometimes during the week), we had the opportunity to get  to know the swedish nightlife a little better. At first it was a big surprise for  us that in many locals entry isn�t allowed under 20 years. There are many clubs  and bars, and despite the age restriction, we soon found our favorite restaurant,  called PARKEN. Unfortunately everything is more expensive in Sweden, especially  alcohol. Nevertheless, we have always had great fun when we were going out, and  we made many new friends.


The highlight of our stay was  definitely the “Road Trip” Gothenburg-Malm�-Copenhagen-Helsingborg. Mark P., Florian,  Thomas, H. Mark and I rented a Volvo S40 for the whole weekend. On Friday afternoon,  after work we went off to Malm�. After about two and a half hour drive we were going  out. It was a very funny evening and we spent the night in our car.

The next morning we explored the city with all its attractions, until we finally  went to Copenhagen. The connection between Sweden and Denmark is a 24-kilometer bridge  that crosses the sea and ends in a tunnel that carries out under the water.

In Copenhagen, we had some problems with finding a suitable hostel. Exhausted  by the search, we decided after a long party night to sleep in the car again.

On Sunday we went on towards Helsingborg (Denmark). There we took the ferry to  Helsingborg (Sweden). Of course, our car was on board. Tired and exhausted from  our trip, we came back Sunday night in Gothenburg.


Thanks to our predecessors, we weren�t allowed to stay in the same apartment  they did, so we were accommodated in a hostel, which was far too expensive for  what it offered.

We slept in pairs in a room. While the girls had a spacious, but not very beautiful  room, the boys had to be satisfied with their mini rooms. Each room was equipped  with a TV, a refrigerator and a closet in which wasn�t even space for half of our  clothing (also for the males!).

We had no common room; there was only an extremely small kitchen as a community room.

Also a toilet and shower were in our area, we also got two more showers provided,  but these were not cleaned very often.


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